Your device can receive notifications from your nearby phone to keep you informed, including calls and SMS notifications. To see notifications from your phone on your device, your phone must be able to receive phone and app notifications.

Verify that Bluetooth is on and that your phone can share system notifications.

1. On your phone, tap Settings > Notifications

2. Make sure Show Previews is set to Always or When Unlocked.

If this does not work, for each app that sends notifications, tap Settings > Notifications > the name of the app or Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications and verify these settings:

· Allow Notifications—On

· Alerts > Notification Center—On

· Show Previews—Always or When Unlocked

· Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > Notifications on lock screen.

Note that your phone’s Do Not Disturb feature may prevent your phone from sending notifications. Verify that do not disturb is off:

3. On your phone, tap Settings > do not disturb or Settings > Sound

4. Make sure do not disturb is turned off.

You can turn off notifications in the app under Profile > Settings.