Press the mode button to navigate the following screens found on your Delta:

Steps taken

In step tracker mode, the device will display your current step count.

Calories burned

In calories mode, the device will display your current calories burned. Units can be changed in the app settings (kcal or kJ). Default unit is kcal.

Distance travelled

In distance mode, the device will display daily current distance. You can adjust the units of measurement in the app settings.

Heart rate

In heart rate mode, the device will start measuring your heart rate automatically after a few seconds and then continue checking in 15 minute intervals. By default, the Delta will periodically record your heart rate. You can disable this in the app settings.

Your physical characteristics, the fit of the device and the type and intensity of physical activity can affect the heart rate reading.

Exercise mode

In exercise mode, press and hold the mode button to track your exercise. This displays your heart rate, step count and elapsed exercise time. Tap the mode button to pause / resume your exercise and hold the mode button for 3 seconds to end exercise tracking. If you do not exit exercise mode, it will auto-quit after 5 hours.