Shout out to you, you superstar!  We're guessing you've found yourself here because you're keen as mustard to start smashing your health goals with us!

Great news for you, we are currently compatible with Healthkit, Fitbit AND Garmin, meaning we'll connect, sync and crunch the data stored in all three apps!

This means that if you track your health using either an Apple Watch, Fitbit or Garmin device, you'll be generating ratings quicker than you can say 'step count'!

If you're using the Health app directly on your iPhone (without a device) you'll still be able to use the app but you will not get a rating for heart, sleep, or exercise minutes.

For Samsung, Huawei other smart watch wearers out there.. stay tuned!

We are working to create greater compatibility with other wearable devices in future.

Please note, some Fitbit devices may not record Heart Rate data and therefore will not generate a Heart Rating.